Formulating a Keyword Strategy

Keyword” is very commonly used terminology over the internet. It is a particular word or a group of words, which people use to locate any topic or to look for any information online. While developing any website or web portal, these words are embedded in the header meta-type content part of that website. When users search for those keywords through any search engine, the search engine tries to locate those words in the website header, and then tries to locate in the main body of the website. This is an iterative process. Providing proper or concise keywords enable the users to locate their desired website or web portal in a faster manner. From this perspective, “Search Engine Optimization” is a very crucial strategy for online marketers to promote their products and brands in a silent manner.

As the traditional brick-and-mortar retail business houses are being transformed into click-and-mortar stores, consumers are exposed to a variety of options, and that too sitting at their respective homes. The stores are just a click away from them. Hence, this is an excellent opportunity and as well as a challenge before the online marketing houses to reach their target segment effectively and in a cost-efficient manner. To accomplish this objective, they need to follow a three-step mechanism:

  1. The online marketing houses have to find out a series of a set of very common keywords, which are related to their products and services. They can find these keywords by taking a survey of consumers, going through the social networking sites, or reading the various competitive product reviews in various blog sites. As a first step, they need to gather a pool of words, which refer to their business. This step is referred to as “Creating Keyword”.
  2. Once the set of keywords are formed, then the marketing house needs to scrutinize those words according to their relevance and competitiveness. They need to put the words like “online”, “business”, “product” almost at the end of their list. As these words are competitive in nature, hence their usage as priority keywords can prove out to be non-productive. They need to choose most non-competitive words those relate to their businesses directly. These words should not be too difficult to locate by any generic consumer. This step is referred to as “Choosing Keyword”.
  3. Once the list of keywords is finalized, they need to be incorporated in the website. The usages of the words are in accordance with their respective priority. This will make the website efficient enough to be located at minimal effort. This step is referred to as “Optimizing Website”.

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