Shopping Trends in the Indian E-Tailing Scene

People in India are now increasingly purchasing everything right from diapers to groceries to clothes and everything else on the internet, which is one of the biggest trends in the Indian e-tailing scene. Some of the other latest trends in online shopping in India include the introduction of the discount coupon code and an increase in purchases online from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Here are some of the other shopping trends in the Indian e-tailing scene.

Multi-channel commerce strategy

The diverse online buying population of India presents a massive challenge to the online retailers, who are interested in serving all the parts of the country effectively. As tablets and smartphones continue to proliferate, more companies will require embracing new channels of marketing including the older channels of marketing, which would lead to the need for a multi-channel commerce strategy. In fact, according to Google, 30 percent of all sales in India come from mobile phones. Whether it is a mobile app that caters to the shopping needs of the customers or whether it is a website with a responsive design, most retailers are coming in terms with the latest channels to market their products and services.

Retail-based social networks

Due to aggressive marketing through social networks, they have gained traction in the Indian e-tailing scenario. Asking one or two friends about whether or not a store is good is a normal shopping trend, but throwing the question to a thousand and odd users in order to get an answer is the latest in shopping trends. Social networks will form an important part of the e-tailing scene both in the year 2015 as well as beyond that, considering that more than 25 percent of the time is spent by the people of the country in surfing sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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