The Primary Challenges And Recommendations For E-Tailing

With extremely difficult economic times, the e-tailing industry faces several challenges from a global perspective. In fact, e-tailers are determined to increase their sales as well as sales figures by expanding to newer markets around the world. E-tailers also face the challenges of having to setup physical stores if necessary to expand their presence. Here are some of the key challenges and recommendations for e-tailing.

M-commerce or mobile commerce

E-commerce is now becoming less popular, with more people purchasing things using their mobile phones. Since it is a traffic driver, you cannot ignore the mobile phones or smartphones any longer. An app should be considered in the same act that can allow people to buy goods both from the computer as well as the mobile phone. One of the challenges for e-tailers is finding a sensible app that would serve both them as well as the customers. So, it is recommended that they get such an app customised for their companies. Also, e-tailers would need to appoint someone to monitor the traffic coming from mobiles to their company’s website.

Lack of online fitting rooms

E-tailers find it a challenge to give their customers online fitting rooms. So, they end up giving them size charts, which are as good as online fitting rooms. This will convert their visitors into customers. This will also expose more customers to the web shops and their names. Moreover, your fame will spread when people realise that you have made provisions for giving a size chart against all your dresses.

Catering to male customers

It can be a challenge to cater to male customers since their shopping behaviours are different from those of women. If you would like to target them as an e-tailer, you should watch videos on male buying behaviour as compared to female buying behaviour. Moreover, men prefer to use the social media to get in touch with e-tailers. So, you should also make sure you have a social media account.

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