The Rise of E-Tailers in the Ad World

The world’s biggest online retailer, Amazon, made its debut as a sponsor for the IPL (Indian Premier League) twenty-twenty cricket tournament. It has also extensively launched its television advertisement campaign. Other e-tailers in India like Jabong, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Quikr too are going beyond the medium of digital marketing and have designed creative television and print advertisements to lure maximum numbers of their potential clients.

Extensive Television Campaigns

Category-specific companies like furniture e-tailer FabFurnish have also started running its television advertisement campaigns across various famous television channels. Earlier, where this practice was rarely scene, today e-tailers are all over the advertisement world. Whether it’s about announcing their special offers, discount schemes or general advertisements, they are taking the advertising world by storm.

Increasing Advertisement Budget

The reality is that digital advertising is a silent medium of advertising. It cannot do brand storytelling for the e-tailers. Additionally, television adds credibility and popularity to the brand. Today, e-commerce companies are largely targeting offline consumers as well, not just sticking to online users. For capturing a large share of the market, the e-tailers have even increased their advertisement budgets. Various researchers suggest that the advertisement budget of e-tailers now stand at 20 percent of their revenues.

Targeting Untapped Consumers

Now, e-tailers are using different mass media channels for reaching out untapped consumers and first-time buyers, usually targeting the urban middle class. In fact, the studies have shown that due to the television campaigns the traffic of these e-commerce sites have increased almost two and half times. It is a clear indication that the advertising campaigns are working for these e-tailers and significantly enhancing their business.

It is surely difficult for the e-commerce sites to define their target audiences, but they can surely help in building credibility and brand through advertising over various medium including television and radio.

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