What are the problems in shopping through Digital Platforms?

What are the problems in shopping through Digital Platforms?The traditional format of business is undergoing a rapid transformation with the advent of latest digital technologies. These transformations can be experienced in every facades of the business scenario, stating from procurement of materials, sequencing of processes, dispatch of products, deployment of services, to arriving at the doorsteps of the end consumers. This transformation has made the business processes very effective and efficient, and from profit making perspective, the revenue stream has been enhanced to a great extent and the cost structure has come down. This observation has been made owing to the reports and various other data resources analyzed and then, published by experienced researchers.  However, the missing human element in this entire process has created a new set of problems, which the consumers are being encountered with. Owing to these issues, the digital marketing platform is facing great deal of challenge regarding the assurance of customer satisfaction.

There are several kinds of problems being faced by a customer, while shopping through any digital platform. Following are some of those problems:

  • While shopping through any digital platform, the payment has to be made online, in most of the cases. However, it has been found that most of the payment gateways are not secure enough for encrypting the transaction and customer account details. There are evidences of hacking of bank details of various consumers, while they were trying to purchase something online.
  • It is not always possible to obtain all the goods or products in the best possible form, while purchasing online. There are several cases, where the customers received the products in non-standard forms, i.e. the product was broken, the seal was broken, or products have been interchanged. In these types of cases, the consumers face a great amount of difficulty in returning the products to the respective vendors.

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