Why E-commerce rises in the festive season?

With the growing urge for shopping, E-commerce has marked its position vehemently in India. The festivals see people planning holidays, buying home decor things, new clothes and top category of gifts for each other. The shoppers shop immeasurably during the festive season. To increase the passion for online shopping via E-Commerce, online retailers tend to provide attractive discounts and interesting deals in all the product lines. Almost all online retailers engage in some kind of impressive deals and freebies to retain the existing customers and entice the new ones. Online sales rise faster during the festive season outperforming the brick and mortar stores.

Festive season attracts traffic in brick and mortar stores that make it quite jittery for people to shop from physical format stores and aspire to relish convenient shopping experience.

The online websites have witnessed a boon in their sales on the grounds of two factors: Interesting schemes and convenience. The deals in physical stores are usually gift vouchers, unlike the online stores that provide instant pleasure to the customers along with the huge convenience element as you just have to manage the way between you and Internet. A click will entitle you to the product you wish in just 3-4 days.

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